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Tiny Home Living

Many of you may have seen American Tiny Home programs broadcasted on TV. The Tiny Home movement exploded in the U.S due to the impact of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). I recently had the pleasure of meeting Indi Hangan from Tiny Homes Australia. Yes, tiny has come to Australia!  Australians have long had a…
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How to sort the bathroom cupboard

Spring has finally sprung here in Melbourne and the warmer weather has me reaching for my sunscreen. first of all it has to be found, somewhere among the bathroom cupboard bottles and tubs. Then questions are asked “how old is it”? and “is it safe to use”? Sound familiar? Lets answer the questions first and tackle…
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How to get the most wear out of your wardrobe

Most of us wear some type of clothing 24hrs a day, 7days a week. So this makes our wardrobe home to some of our most commonly used household items. Spring and autumn is the perfect time of the year to declutter, organise and refresh your wardrobe. Then you will be ready for summer and winter…
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Does clutter consume more than space?

Clutter. It conjures up a picture of a pile of something or too many possessions in one space. Some may shiver at the mental picture and some will feel comfortable. I believe clutter and life go hand in hand. Everyone will have a different tolerance of clutter and will require different organising outcomes because no…
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