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Mental health resources for Coronavirus Outbreak

We are living in unpresented times. Uncertainty can lead to feelings of anxiety and despair and that is why A Hand to Help is concerned about the mental health of our community during this Coronavirus outbreak and would like to share resources with you. Beyond Blue has this fantastic article up on their website: Looking…
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When is too much, too much for our home?

I’m often asked “when is too much, too much for our home?” Every person has their limit of belongings. Some like less while others are very comfortable being surrounded by more. Because we are all different there is no one size fits all for quantity of belongings. A Hand to Help’s long answer to this…
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The power of a gift

I believe a gift can hold power with its recipient. A gift doesn’t have to be an object. It can be time, a loving action or a kind word. There are two actions involved in a gift; the act of giving and the act of receiving. I’m not going to expand on the action of…
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Tidy is not Organised

With the arrival of spring, this may percolate thoughts of spring cleaning and tiding up. But a tidy home doesn’t mean an organised home. Can items be easily found when needed? Have the cupboards been used to keep things out of sight? As a Professional Organiser, my philosophy is about being able to find what…
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