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Success Story. Finishing the loop, the key to staying organised.

Let me tell you the story of Danny. I was asked to help Danny and Julie with their belongings because their home was no longer safe for Julie. Julie used a mobility aid at home and needed clear pathways to safely move about the home. Danny couldn’t see what needed to be changed and was…
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To Label Or Not To Label

To label or not to label? Before I became an organiser, I wasn’t drawn to labels. The written word didn’t grab my eye. But after many years working in homes of clients with diverse needs, I’ve become a label lover; but not a label lover in the sense of perfect writing on a crisp expensive…
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Shop at home

When I’m working in client’s homes, I encourage them to shop at home first and see what can be reused before considering purchasing new organising products. We usually find something that was purchased before or we repurpose an item already in the home. This is a great thing to do when organising because it isn’t…
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Routine is Important During the Coronavirus. Here’s why

Routine is important during the Coronavirus pandemic because it keeps us grounded and creates structure. This is vital during times of uncertainty, like the Covid-19 situation we now unexpectedly find ourselves in. With such fast changes to our lives we can feel helpless and out of control, with nothing in our power to make the…
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