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Tidy is not Organised

With the arrival of spring, this may percolate thoughts of spring cleaning and tiding up. But a tidy home doesn’t mean an organised home. Can items be easily found when needed? Have the cupboards been used to keep things out of sight? As a Professional Organiser, my philosophy is about being able to find what…
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It’s Ok to ask for help

It’s ok to ask for help. I experienced this recently when I was generously given shelves for my garage. I had an idea where I wanted them and was excited about how they would help me keep A Hand to Help items together, but that’s where my enthusiasm stopped. It was too hard! I needed…
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How to help children be organised

I love the school holidays, always have done. I like it for 2 reasons; firstly, it’s a break from the usual routine with my family and secondly, I have the pleasure to work with children in their homes to help them build skills to be organised. Being organised is a skill we build. We are…
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Meet the team.

I wanted to introduce A Hand to Help’s team. I’m very thankful to you, our clients and the support you have given, and it’s only because of your support I’m expanding the team.  Our new team members are also members of my supportive family. So here we are, and excited to introduce the people (and…
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