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Are your wardrobes overflowing? Do your children’s bedrooms meet their needs? The bedroom is a personal space to nourish us with rest. The bedroom is a private space in your home. It is a place for relaxation, restoration and renewal. It is also where we prepare ourselves for “the world”. Children’s rooms are happily used…
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Living Spaces

Have your living spaces lost their liveability and are no longer a joy to be in? Are they filled with belongings that have no home? Problems arise in the living area when activities and the liveability of the space collide. A lot goes on in the living spaces of your home. It is an area…
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There is a difference between organised and tidy

I’ve been contemplating the difference between being tidy and being organised and I’m convinced there is a difference. Just because a home looks tidy, is it organised? What happens when the cupboards are open? Have the cupboards been used to keep things out of sight? Can items be easily found when needed? Are the unseen…
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Less is more

When I first heard “Less is more” as a child I couldn’t understand the concept. How can having less be more? Some years ago, I set off travelling with all my favourite belongings in one backpack for a year overseas. All my worldly passions were there on my back. I lived by the rule “if…
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