About Me

I believe the function of our homes and living spaces impact and affect our lives. Our homes need to change as life circumstances change.

Hello I’m Veronica, Professional Organiser at A Hand to Help. Let me share my story of change.

As a Professional Organiser, I work with people to organise their homes to create spaces that are functional, that they can safely and comfortably live in. However, I wasn’t always a Professional Organiser. My working life started out as a seamstress working for a fashion house in Hobart. During my years there I worked my way up to running the Design Workroom. My love for colour and texture has stayed with me even though the “rag trade” is no longer my calling.

Good organising is about how we put away and then easily find what we want, when we want it. It needs to be simple and easy to use. There is no one size fits all. It’s unique to you. It is this philosophy that I embrace with my clients.

In 2019 I completed my certificate 4 in Disability to help me understand and support my clients better. But study hasn’t finished. As a member of the Institute of Challenging Disorganisation, I continue to learn and complete qualifications to enable me to be a better and more supportive Professional Organiser.

I understand change. Life is constantly changing. For lots of reasons, our homes are slow to change with us as we transition from one phase of life to another. Change can be hard!

I allow clients to have choice and control when we work together organising their belongings in their homes. Lowering anxiety and building client’s confidence to find their own organising style brings me great joy.

I get excited when clients realise organising isn’t about perfection but about having a way that works for them. It takes the pressure off and allows them to enjoy their home and improve their daily lives.

Meet the Team



Professional Organiser

What’s the best part of your role?
Seeing my clients smile and their shoulders relax after an organising session is probably the best part of my role?



CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer, Accountant

What makes you feel good about your role at A Hand to Help?
Watching A Hand to Help grow as a business is one of my favourite parts of the role. I love watching my wife Veronica flourish in business, doing what she loves to do.



Media Manager

What’s one of your favourite parts of your role?
Organising the professional organiser (my Mum) is definitely one of the unexpected perks of my role as media manager of A Hand to Help.




When are you happiest at work?
I’m happiest at work when I feel like I’m making a positive difference.



Welfare Officer

What’s the best part of your working day?
Sleeping in the sun on the office chair by the window.

Kind words:


“I’m doing so well; I’ve found important papers that I never knew I had.”


“I could do it because you were here”


“I now know where everything is”


“You make it do-able!”


“I’m happy because now I can find what I need”


“He was gobsmacked and I’m so pleased!!!”

Meet the Organiser: 10 questions with Veronica

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

I’m a breakfast lover. It could be a cold or hot breakfast but it always happens and it comes with lots of tea.

How do you plan your day when you’re not at work?

Away from work I’m a recluse. I very much enjoy catching up with friends and like to go out, but lunch outings are my thing. When the evening comes, I prefer to be at home hanging out with the family. I enjoy pottering in my garden.

What’s your creative weakness?

I get excited about ideas and start projects that don’t always get finished. 😊

What does your desk look like?

I have a large desk. Lots of room for paper which is always there. A plant and a toy wooden train that my children played with when they were younger sits on the corner of my desk. It makes me happy being there.

What’s your favourite item or piece of furniture?

The 3-seater sofa is my favourite piece of furniture at home. I chose it not to seat more people but to have a nap on. Nothing nicer than a nap on the sofa. The sofa also doubles as the clean washing pile station. Everyone knows where to find their pile of clean clothes.
My next favourite thing is the slow cooker. The slow cooker is like one pot camp cooking. It suites my 2-step cooking philosophy. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is breakfast in bed with a good book. It doesn’t happen often but on a cold winter weekend morning it’s a treat.

When are you happiest at work?

I’m happiest at work when I’m working with clients doing face to face sessions. Chatting, laughing and helping them with change.

What’s your go-to food?

Fruit is my go-to fuel. Love a crunchy bitter apple, mangoes are to die for and frozen fresh dates are the sticky sweet treat I enjoy with a weekend coffee.

Do you have a favorite movie?

I love movies but I’m not good at remembering them. The Blues Brothers has stuck though. Great music, classic car crashes and tacky story line.

Who do you think would be a great best friend?

Winnie the Pooh would make a great best friend. He’s thoughtful, caring, likes sweet honey and is quirky. He’s one of those friends you know you’d get a good hug from.